The story of the market is the center of the sequence.

The "Scarlet Black" brand helps to change the fundamentals of the herded mind of the
 peace-singer's relatives by solving the market problem from the beginning of the chain construction.

On a summer afternoon in heavy rain, Hung still spread a large tarp under the porch, leaving the fresh greens to mix with salt and honey, as food for her family’s black pigs.

The main source of black pig’s green food was raised in HTX for the Tianshan Farm Service, which Huong Hue.

These vegetables, mixed with salt, leaky sugar, and casserole from five to seven days, will be fermented with a typical smell that H describes as “small as well as fine wine, and then green food will be mixed with corn, rice, fish flour, and soybeans for the pigs.

These are just a few of the projects in the Black Pig production process of Project CooPlus Social Enterprise, developed by the Good Neighgbors International (GNI) by the South by its representatives in Vietnam by TH CooPlus, combined with the HTX Union of Peace and its local pig-feeders.

Born in 2018, the NH CooPlus and the project that has a mission to support people in the GNI projects that are doing in Vietnam, and to use our livelihood products to improve their income, contributes to better living and learning conditions.

The black pig is a native that has long been inhabited by the Moguans, Thai people in the land of Peace, and the black pig is closely associated with the cultural and food life of its people.

Black Peace pork products are known for their delicious quality, red meat, boiling water, unfailed, sweet nature… yet, the feeding of black pigs is being narrowed down by competition by modern industrial pigs.

In that context, CooPlus and the HTX Union of Peace and related partners (the HTXs who feed pigs, NGOs…) in the province worked out the project: “The development of a chain of black pig value to raise income for people in the peace province, which contributes to the preservation of Vietnam’s precious gene source.

The main activities of the project include choosing to create genetic sources to produce the best black pig generation, increase percentage, reduce fat, and human species to support the trade…

Then CooPlus will support their relatives in the ecological farming process, using mixed food, fermenting with herbs that saves time, raising livestock.

Hòa Bình có tổng đàn lợn bản địa (lợn đen) vào khoảng 32.000 con, được chăn nuôi chủ yếu tại các hộ gia đình và HTX.
Peace has a whole indigenous herd of pigs, about 32,000 of them, raised mainly in families and HTX.
Also, CooPlus companies are monitoring to ensure that the quality of the product that comes out of 
the market well meets the requirements of the market, the pork meat product is completely without 
antibiotics, the hormone growth...

The next category of the project is to help complete subservience of slaughter and cooking facilities that are fully invested in food safety certificates, animal hygiene, meats that are kept cold right after slaughtering to ensure the quality and hygiene.

After having got meat products, CooPlus collaborations with partners to develop media and markets through distribution networks, helping to create steady consumption, concentrated in some large cities like Hanoi, Ocean… and Peace.

As a further sharing in the process of cooperation with CooPlus, Yu Xing, director of HTX in the New Founding Service, New Peace, says: “In the past, my relatives and my relatives in the majority of the self – sacrificing livestock, since 2022, were CooPlus and GNI have created the production sequence, which ensured the production of the product, HTX focused on raising black pigs of the native 1806 land.

HTX now has 14 members and nine households who share in the link between black pigs, and who are also guided by his associates, who help with slaughtering and processing products such as empty legs, sausages, sausages, and bacon.

Compared with earlier, the guarantee of output, the spending of CooPlus is a very important factor for members of HTX to invest confidently and safely in production. Hue said

In the important role of managing and organizing the project, the HTX of Peace showed a dramatic change in thought, a approach to black pig breeding patterns in the Moia.

“ Instead of supporting our children, our resources, and our associates, ” stressed by Chen An, president of the HTX Peace League, “we are focused on working together to ensure the output of the product, which will be the most important and practical task for the chain of production and consumer consumption.

About the breed, to solve the weakness of pure black pigs is fat, small weight, selectors, genetics that have descended from black pigs with large forest males like Thai boars or male guacacs.

Since then, these F1 hybrids have just got bigger, higher levels of fat, and they still have xen…Lợn trades that are natural from the black pig gene but have been consistent with the consumption of the people living in big cities.

In order for these connections to thrive, the HTX Pacific Federation has determined to make businesses master of the sequence because the output is the most important factor in the sustainable success of the chain.

Between the string owners and HTXs and the HTXs and the social people both must have very tight contracts, which are binding on the output standards of the Indian pig product, how to ensure safety and relative to consumer needs.

Sharing in the long, stable development goal of this series of links, Mr. Chen An, president of the HTX Peace League, says that the first thing must be voluntary, between the farmer and HTX, between HTX and the business.

“ The government’s support is just the boost and the standard, but the cooperation between business, HTX, and farmer is the key to the stability, stability of the ENC chain, ” adds Chen An.

Besides, it takes effort on both sides, business doing well in advertising, in the development of markets, and HTX in a way that enhances the quality, expands the scale, optimizes the cost of production, which is the best way that the local agricultural products of the Peace can confirm their name and bring lasting economic effects to the people.

Giống lợn đen Hòa Bình có thịt thơm, ngon, ngọt thịt, kết hợp ưu thế lai cải tiến để tăng nạc, giảm mỡ, phù hợp thị hiếu người tiêu dùng tại các thành phố lớn.
The black, peaceful pig has good meat, sweet meats, combined with improved hybrid advantages
 to improve, to reduce fat, and to accommodate consumers consumers in large cities.

Ninh Văn Nghi CooPlus, director of State Company, was identified as the owner of a series of production “GNI Blacks in Korea, which was invested, supported by the South Korean Good Neighbors International (GNI).

GNI is a 17-year-old organization that has worked in Vietnam to support children in difficult areas, deep areas, to have better living and learning conditions, one of the parts that GNI is interested in is developing design for the parents of children through agricultural production.

“ In Peace, it was found that local black pigs were high – quality products but were suffering from industrial – size competition and that their outputs were getting smaller and smaller, and that we and our partners had studied and chosen to develop the local black – pig chain to grow the economy for the local people, and that we had contributed to the preservation of the precious DNA of Vietnam.

In the process of cohesion, CooPlus combined with institutions, the school supported farmers to apply ecological, periodic, environmental, using materials in place but to ensure efficiency and pig quality, and the company also supports their relatives to apply biological safety regulations to reduce disease risks and support the herd.

As for the market, the most important element of the chain, Director CooPlus says, has been studying for three years and has been bringing products to consumers through distribution systems, especially clean food stores.

“ These are the units that have a desire to have goods, clean, high quality, and willing to pay for these products.

Admitting that some of the previous projects were still focused on capital or manufacturing technology would have been less effective, director CooPlusth Lawi said, reaching out from the top like a black pig chain, taking the market as a center, will help them to stick closer and longer to the string.

“ Through economic development, raising homes for income, children in the family will have better living and learning conditions, and since we have more resources to support children in areas where the unit cannot reach the ENCOM, the head CooPlus asserts.

Also, in addition to working together in production, business, travel, eating, and working with relatives, the employees of CooPlus are now no different from the brothers in the home with the local people.

It was because he considered himself a part of the Peace People’s Family, Thais, that Brother Ninh Gutung and his team believed and boldly shut down the goal for CooPlus Company that the peace farmer and his family would consume 5,000 black pigs /n Was in 2025.

Now, in the region of Peace, the concentration of pig farms, the large scale has basically organized the development of livestock according to plan, the density of livestock that is consistent with economic, social, and global planning.

Focusing farming development, improved quality efficiency, and the beneficial increase in the local values, with the plans for re-industrialing with the new rural construction program, the peace-based pig farmer grows per capita per year.

The total herd of pigs in the province counts to 30/6,2023 over 45,000 children, where pigs feed on large – scale farms of 75,000 small – scale, small – scale, and farmers of more than 378,000 children, and in addition, the Republic has a population of local pigs, some 32,000 of whom are raised mainly in households and HTX.

The province continues to encourage businesses, cooperation, foster homes that use biological safety, safety of disease, safety of food and environmental protection.

In addition, peace – states agencies continue their brand – building, business promotions, and the consumption of local solid products, namely the geologic product advertising, the certificates, the collective brand, the OCOP…

The black pig of Vietnam is a native of Vietnam, the natural quality of meat that is delicious; combined with traditional farming methods, using food that combines natural ingredients (the corn, the cassava, the rice, the soybeans, the fish powder, the cassia), and the fermentation of the pickles with germ and honey) and the herbs (salves, the stony, the champagne).

With this method of feeding, black pigs in Mégé are well – fed and well – fed, pigs absorb well – fed, natural resistance is enhanced, and meats are created particularly delicious.

Along with that, pigs are raised with seven months of dark time to create a quality that is truly superior to other pork products on the market.

Black pigs in the country are slaughtered with closed systems that require animal hygiene and food hygiene, which is preserved in cold environments right after slaughtering to ensure the best quality of meat to the consumer.


Thương hiệu Lợn đen Xứ Mường hiện được bán và giới thiệu sản phẩm tại địa chỉ 467 Phúc Diễn, quận Nam Từ Liêm và các hệ thống cửa hàng thực phẩm sạch tại Hà Nội, Hải Phòng, Hòa Bình.
The Black Pigs of the Streets are now sold and introduced at the address 467 America, South China 
County, and clean food systems in Hanoi, Oceanal, Peace.

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