Hỗ trợ kết nối tiêu thụ một số sản phẩm nông sản

On January 8, the Provincial Cooperative Alliance (Cooperative) coordinated with Viet Ecomos Farm
 Agricultural Products Joint Stock Company (Dak Lak); CooPlus Company Limited (Hanoi) organized a 
conference to connect the consumption of chicken and pig products in the herbal direction for 
cooperatives and cooperative groups during the Lunar New Year 2024.


Cooperatives and cooperative groups attended the conference.
At the conference, representatives of Viet Ecomos Farm Agricultural Products Joint Stock Company and CooPlus Company Limited introduced their orientation, development strategy, and product types. Accordingly, Ecomos Farm is a unit that transfers organic herbal technology, monitors the production process and directly distributes products to the market through a system of supermarkets and clean food chains nationwide. The company also aims to become a global company in manufacturing, linking, and supplying Vietnamese agricultural products with herbal and organic standards with the motto of optimizing value to create the best and cheapest products. the best and tastiest meals for consumers around the world, and first of all in Vietnam. The company’s livestock products are created using a herbal process – 100% organic food made from plants (corn, rice, soybeans) and supplemented with herbs like mint, cinnamon, anise, and essential oils. from fruits so that livestock products are delicious, nutritious, and free of residues.
As for CooPlus Co., Ltd., this is the unit that is implementing the consumption and processing chain of Muong black pig products. The product is currently popular with consumers in Hanoi.
At the conference, delegates, representatives of the two companies and cooperatives, chicken and pig production and raising cooperative groups in the area discussed and evaluated the quality, scale, production process and capabilities. product supply of each unit. Thereby, it is possible to have a plan to connect specific product sales with the two companies.
At the end of the conference, two chicken egg production cooperatives in the province agreed to connect herbal egg consumption with Ecomos Farm Company to serve the Lunar New Year 2024. Representatives of the Provincial Cooperative Alliance leaders proposed After the conference, companies, cooperatives and cooperative groups can discuss and exchange more to achieve the goal of ensuring product consumption for producers, upgrading the quality of chicken and pig products according to Herbal orientation, widely promoting the Hoa Binh chicken and Muong black pig brands, and in the immediate future, implementing consumption connections during the 2024 Lunar New Year…

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